Key Type Description
id integer Internal transaction ID
uuid string|integer Public transaction ID
time datetime (YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:SS) Date and time of transaction creation


  • waiting
  • confirmed
  • cancelled
  • declined
  • authorized
  • reserved
  • refunded
  • partially-refunded
  • chargeback
  • error
The status of the transaction, please see Notifications (Webhooks) for more information on the status.
lang string ISO 639-1 of shopper language
psp string Name of the payment service provider used
pspId integer The ID of the payment service provider (see Miscellaneous)
okepay_fee integer The transaction fee charged by OkePay (does not include fees from acquiring or interchange fees). The fee is provided in smallest unit of the currency.
payment array

Payment mean as array

The brand is a lowercase string

metadata Metadata object See documentation
subscription Subscription object See documentation
invoice Invoice object See documentation
contact Contact object See documentation


  'id' => 1,
  'uuid' => '82m09f9',
  'time' => '2014-11-18 13:44:53',
  'status' => 'waiting',
  'lang' => 'en',
  'psp' => 'Test',
  'okepay_fee' => 0,
  'payment' => array(
    'brand' => 'VISA'
  'metadata' => Metadata,
  'subscription' => Subscription,
  'invoice' => Invoice,
  'contact' => Contact,
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