Investor Relations

At OkePay, we provide tailor-made payment solutions with an individualized approach for each customer. We remain focused on executing our plans and continuing to deliver exceptional value for our customers and premium returns for our shareholders. We source, select, and screen high growth business opportunities that offer higher potential returns for investors. Through our global network of gateways and acquiring banks, we are able to arrange merchant account solutions with a payment gateway or virtual terminal for almost any industry or country, as well as POS in-store payment solutions for the entire EU region.

  • We grow our merchant base internationally and believe in discretion in protecting our clients personal and business details.
  • We help release information, handling inquiries and meetings.
  • We provide feedback to management and crisis management.
  • We provide dedicated support to clients, giving us an advantage over large competitors.

By being more transparent and honest with investors, we build long-term credibility with the investment community. Our goal for every raise is to ensure you can make an informed decision so you can invest with greater confidence.