With a broad range of international banking relations, OkePay is uniquely able to offer various bespoke pricing models.







There are two ways the merchant account can be set up:




Interchange++ Rate


markup from 0.50%



Each transaction is subject to different interchange fees. The final rate for the merchant is calculated as the sum of the Interchange Fee and the Card Scheme Fee as set by Card Schemes (Visa/MC) and involved banks. On top of that, a fixed mark-up is added by the payments provider (acquirer/processor). The Interchange and Card Scheme fees vary based on merchant's and cardholder’s issuing bank locations and type of card. The final rate can be as low as 0.95% for our EEA merchants.


Fixed Rate


from 0.95%



We also offer a more traditional method of applying a merchant discount rate. Merchants may opt for this pricing model if they want to maintain simplicity. Every sale is charged with the fixed percentage fee as set out in the agreement. The final rate is determined by the payment provider during initial assessment, based on risk category, sales volume and geographical distribution; it can be anywhere between 0.95% and 5.50%. We mostly use this model for high-risk, non-EEA merchants.






In addition to above rate, the below fees apply for most setups within EEA:




Gateway transaction fee

€0.10 - €0.25
Fixed fee charged by gateway provider for every ecommerce or POS transaction.
Transaction limitations

Based on risk profile there may initially be a monthly volume cap. Normally this will be removed after few months of steady processing.
Monthly maintenance fee

€0 - €20
Fixed monthly fee charged by the gateway provider for payment services.
MID setup fee

€0 - €100
One-time fee, deducted from first settlement. Charged by gateway provider or acquiring bank.
Bank annual registration

€0 - €950
Some banks add their own additional MID opening fee. High-risk merchants in industries such as gambling need registration with card schemes which costs €500-1000 per MID.
POS terminal lease

€18 - €35
Monthly fee for leasing a POS terminal, available to EEA merchants.
PCI compliance scan service

With merchants who are integrating via Direct API, a PCI compliance is required, which includes a quarterly PCI Scan Report performed by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). With some of our banking partners the services are included, otherwise the standard PCI scanning service costs €200-400 per year.
Refund fee

Fixed fee charged for every issued refund; a transaction where money is returned to the card from which a sale was made, either in its entirety or partially.
Chargeback fee

€15 - €24
Fixed fee charged for an incoming chargeback (dispute) request from cardholder, whatever the final result of the dispute.
Virtual Terminal

Fee for MOTO merchants who require access to a Virtual Terminal.
Payout delay

1 - 7 days
Number of days from when the batch of transactions is cleared to the day when a settlement is sent to the merchant's business bank account. For example, daily payouts with a 3 day delay means the net sale amount the merchant has processed on Monday is paid out on Thursday.
Funds Remittance

Daily - Weekly
Frequency of settlements of net sales volume to the merchant's bank account.
Rolling Reserve

0% - 10% (90-180 days)
Standard security measure imposed by acquirers and payment providers. Percentage taken from every settlement and released after 90-180 days.