Streamline point of sale payments

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate checkout lines in store
  • How to make international shoppers feel at home
  • How payment data can help you deliver personalized services

Just like your online checkout, the point of sale checkout is the narrowest part of your sales funnel.


Your customer is in your store, they have the product in their hand, and they’re ready to buy. don’t waste all your hard work by losing them now.


Let them skip the line

Few things are more off-putting than a long checkout line. according to a 2017 shopper survey, 57% of british consumers say queuing is their biggest frustration, and it will drive four out of five us shoppers out of a store.


Eliminate checkout lines with mobile point of sale (mPOS) terminals. These make it possible to take a payment from anywhere in the store (a preference for 42% of US shoppers). You can even skip this step entirely, letting shoppers scan QR codes and checkout in app.




Give them access to your online stock

Out-of-stock issues are frustrating for both you and your customers. Today, 42% of UK shoppers and 75% of US shoppers want to order out-of-stock items directly from the store. This is made easy with endless aisles: in-store kiosks or tablets where customers can browse and order items online.

Welcome international shoppers with local cards

Make international shoppers feel at home by giving them the payment options they’re used to. For example, if you get a lot of Chinese shoppers in your store, be sure to support Alipay, UnionPay, and WeChat Pay.

Make it personal


Link loyalty to the shopper credit card. This lets you apply loyalty to all channels. Shoppers don’t have the frustration of forgetting their loyalty card, and it saves you money as well.


Be contextual. 50% of US shoppers want location-based discounts and coupons sent to their smartphones.


Link loyalty to the shopper credit card. Use your shopper trend data to ensure your store is prepared for your regular shoppers.


Be relevant. Greet online shoppers with a targeted selection of items based previous purchases.

Streamline your point of sale payments with OkePay

OkePay makes unified commerce easy by connecting your online and point of sale payments in one platform. With just one partner you can expand quickly into new stores and new markets and manage everything centrally. This not only streamlines your business and cuts costs, but gives you a single view of your shopper data. So you can optimize and future-proof your business.

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